A lot of people are building their businesses on the “paid ads hamster wheel." 

Here’s how it usually goes: 

1) Launch your product or service. 

2) Spend a few weeks or months figuring out how to dial in your Facebook ad funnel. 

3) Get a good return. Double your budget and scale. 

4) See that your ROI has doubled too. Woohoo! Get excited that this is finally working! 

5) Double budget again. See that your ROI is still pretty high. More parties! 

6) Wake up one morning, and see that your return on ad spend isn’t as high as you expected.   

7) That’s okay. You’ll add some new upsells to your funnel to get that ROI back up. 

8) Check back in a few weeks. Once again, your ROI got cut in half. Cost per lead skyrocketed too. The funnel isn’t profitable anymore. 

Nowadays, a LOT of entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and experts are dealing with getting the rug pulled out from underneath them after starting their business on the paid ads hamster wheel. 

I’m not saying you should never run ads. 

But the truth is, any paid funnel only works for so long before you wake up one morning with a big advertising bill and lower-than-expected ROI. 

Think about it…

What happens if your ad campaign stop generating a consistent return? 

What happens when you double budget, and your ROI gets cut in half? 

What happens when you don’t have a ton of money to lose in ads (as you’re figuring out what works and what doesn’t)? 

What happens when you’re not getting sales on your “3 page website”? 

What happens when your cost per lead skyrockets? 

Would you still be able to consistently, predictably generate revenue for your business? 

Or would you be scrambling, stressed out, trying to figure out something fast? 

Over the past few years, I’ve built a multimillion dollar marketing agency, without focusing on paid ads. 

Instead, I focused on building a content empire. 

Like Single Grain’s blog that generates over 90,000+ visits / month: 

Or Growth Everywhere, my podcast that broke 100,000+ downloads / month.

Or Marketing School, my podcast with Neil Patel which broke 10 million+ downloads last month.

In these courses, I reveal my step-by-step playbook on how you can do the same.

“Why should I listen to you?”

I’m the CEO of a digital marketing agency called Single Grain, which helps companies like Amazon, Uber, and Salesforce get more customers online. I took over Single Grain when it was a failing agency, invested in content marketing, and turned it into a multi-million dollar company. 

I host the Marketing School podcast with Neil Patel (10M+ downloads), Growth Everywhere (100k+ downloads / month), and Single Grain’s blog gets 100k+ visits / month.

The DigitalXP Marketing Accelerator

Marketing courses that give you the high-impact, immediate strategies to building a content machine & 10X-ing your site traffic.

A video course to build a brand with a killer content strategy, an audience of raving fans, and bring in quality clients and customers without paying for advertising.

Even if you’re starting from scratch. 

Even if you don’t know how to craft the *right* pieces of content in your space.

Even if you’re not a “good writer.” 

Even if you’ve got a small (or zero) budget.