Why This Course is Awesome

  • Learn Tactics From an Expert

    Eric Siu became an industry thought leader through his own content marketing. Now he hosts two 5-star rated marketing podcasts and writes for top-tier publications.

  • Get Clients Without Paying for Ads

    Using powerful content marketing, Eric built a multi-million dollar agency and pulled in agency clients like Uber, Amazon, and Nordstrom... and he'll show you how to do the same.

  • Everything Here is Actionable

    No fluff here. Eric gives you the playbook to build your own successful content marketing campaigns. From keywords to workflows, it's all here.

Meet Your Instructor: Eric Siu


Eric Siu is the CEO of digital marketing agency Single Grain. which helps companies like Amazon, Uber and Salesforce acquire more customers online. Eric took over Single Grain when it was a failing agency and invested in the content marketing which transformed it into a multi-million dollar agency. 

Eric is a thought leader in the digital marketing space, hosting the Marketing School Podcast with Neil Patel (10M downloads and counting!) and Growth Everywhere, where he interviews successful entrepreneurs about the tactics that got them to the top.

Eric has been featured in...

The Curriculum

Chapter 1 - Introduction

1.1 Welcome to the Course

1.2 Goals and Expectations

1.3 The Beginner's Guide to Content Marketing 

Chapter 2 - Content Marketing Fundamentals

2.1 Content Marketing 101

2.2 What's the ROI of Content Marketing?

Chapter 3 - How to Get Started with Content Marketing

3.1 Finding Your Style: The 3 Ways to Engage Your Audience - NEW

3.2 Why Buyer Personas

3.3 How to Discover Your Buyer Personas 

3.4 Topic ideation 

3.5 Keyword Research 

3.6 Speed up your keyword research

Chapter 4 - Content Workflows and Publishing

4.1 - Why Workflows Are Crucial to Content Marketing Success

4.2 - Setting up the Perfect Workflow

4.3 The Framework That Will 10X Your Content

4.4 Repurposing: Get the Most Mileage out of Your Content

Chapter 5 - Content Promotion

5.1 The 80/20 Rule of Content Promotion 

5.2 How to Promote Your Content on Your Own Channels 

5.3 How to Get Your Content on Outside Publications

5.4 The Ultimate Content Promo Checklist

Chapter 6 - Measuring the ROI of Content Marketing

6.1 Why Measuring is Managing

6.2 The ROI Formulas 

6.3 How to Prove the ROI of Your Content Marketing

6.4 The Different Metrics You should Be Reporting On

6.5 Content Marketing + SEO: The Organic Traffic Metrics That Matter

6.6 5 Ways to Track Your Website's Revenue 

6.7 Bonus Vlog

Chapter 7: Level 99 Content Marketing Strategies

7.1 - How to Scale Your Content Marketing 

7.2 - How to Vet World-Class Writers 

7.3 A Swipe File of Single Grain's Writer Guidelines

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  • What is DigitalXP?

    DigitalXP is a series of marketing and entrepreneurship courses. XP stands for expertise, experience, and express (as in accelerated results). College classes can't stay ahead of big changes in marketing -- but online courses from the pros can. We're rolling out our Content Marketing course now, but more courses aren't far behind.

  • Who is this course for?

    Digital marketers, aspiring and current entrepreneurs, newbies to content marketing, anyone who wants to start an agency or business. We'll soon roll out courses for your entire team to take while onboarding for a new position. You'll get full 'degrees' in content marketing, SEO, paid search, paid social, and more.

  • Who do I contact for more information?

    Contact eric@singlegrain.com or yue@singlegrain.com for more information. You can also chat with us at singlegrain.com, or reach us at our @singlegrain handle on Twitter.

  • When will you release your next course?

    We will be releasing our course on SEO soon and we'll inform you as soon as it's up. You can also contact us for more information.